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Brought up by my grandparents at 17/16th Avenue North Hull Estate and attended Endike Lane All Boys (non exam) School. Showed no interest in my schoolwork and left school with no qualifications at 15 in 1960 when I joined the army in an Infantry Junior Leader Battalion. Later worked in a number of unskilled occupations for the next 18 years. Got married in 1966 and had three children, while working I studied at night class to gain GCSE O and A Levels. I was alway interested in art so I applied to art school and (much to my surprise and everybody elses) was accepted onto a four year BA Fine Art and History of Art Degree which I passed with honours in 1981, then it was off to Leeds to study for a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (teaching diploma) which I passed in 1982, here my interest in history was encouraged. My first teaching post was at Brandsholme High School in Hull and I worked there from 1982 to 1988. In 1987 I passed a Masters Degree in the history of Education. Promotions came my way in education and in 1988 I moved to Amy Johnson High School in Hull as Head of Year 11. During my time there I passed a Philosophy Degree in War Studies, part of this manuscript was published in 1990 under the title of 'This Righteous War' and my work as a military historian began. In 1999 my second book appeared to be followed quickly by my third in 2002. After working in Hull for eighteen years I decided it was time for a change, handed in my notice and moved from Hull to Market Weighton in 2000, I gained employment at Longcroft School in Beverley as an art teacher and stayed there until I retired in 2008. Since then a large book on Beverley and the Great War has been published and I am busy working on two others.



Drawing and making sculpture.

Collecting militaria.

Collecting fossils (ammonites).


Writing and researching.


Koi Carp.


I need more shelves
My study

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